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Endeavour Space Education Program (ESEP)


Weekend Space Endeavour Camp begins Friday afternoon and runs through Sunday. The weekend camp is designed for youth groups ages 7-11 and ages 12-15. Lodging is provided at the Quality Inn in Lompoc. Both food and lodging are included in the cost. The Camp group size is limited to a maximum of 50 and a minimum of 25 participants. Youths are provided a "hands-on, minds-on" applications. A reduced cost Space-O-Ree option is available for those groups willing to camp in tents. The program satisfies the Boy Scout Space Exploration merit badge requirements.

Interactive Presentations


A. Airplanes and Flight

Learn the basics of aerodynamics and airplane components. Capture the endeavour spirit to fly. Model airplanes that students have constructed in class prior to field trip are competitively flown by correctly adjusting aileron, rudder and elevators tabs after the lesson. Launch water pressure rockets if time permits.

B. Astronomy and Waves.

Understand the basics of the visible light spectrum, frequency and Doppler shift effect with "hands-on" demonstrations. Astronomy terms such as supernova explosions, black-holes, comets, asteroids, clusters, and quasars are discussed. View the beginning of the universe and our solar system with a video narrated by William Shatner. Construct and experiment with a spectroscope kit which accurately measures the frequency of light at the Endeavour Center if purchased.

C. Human Space Exploration

Space environmental concepts such as a vacuum, extreme temperatures and why astronauts float are explained. Astronaut suit design is explained and demonstrated. Living and eating aboard the Space Shuttle are shown on video. Space Station construction and assembly are shown. Current Mars missions and future ones are explored. A Space Shuttle glider is constructed at the Endeavour Center and a Shuttle tile is burned. The concepts of heat transfer and insulation are explained. Astronaut ice cream is available for purchase.

D. Rocket Propulsion

Introduction to the basics of solid and liquid type rocket engines. Current space vehicles are discussed with models which include OSC's Pegasus rocket, Titan IV, Space Shuttle and the Saturn V. A video of rocket launches from Vandenberg AFB and Pegasus vehicle stage separations from an on-board camera looking back towards Earth is shown as it deploys a satellite. Model rockets that students have constructed in class prior to field trip are discussed and launched after the lesson.

E. Telescopes and Constellations

Discuss the different types of telescopes and how they work. Discover how to view the night sky and constellations. Construct and learn how to use a star-finder chart. Build and use a refractor telescope kit at the Endeavour Center if purchased. Take a tour of the Endeavour Center's $60,000 solar-powered research telescope and dome.

Contact: Moksha Badarayan    director@endeavours.org